Maeva + Yohann

quarta-feira, 30 outubro 2019
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Maëva & Yohann

 - How did you hear about us?

For we, the priority was to find the location of the wedding reception before the other providers. When we agreed to use the "Quinta o Casão", it's the owner: Elsa Amado that talked about you. We searched on Google your name and we have found your website. Inside Fotografia, we saw your "artistic style" and he totally matched with the idea we have about we future pictures.

- What attracted you to our work and why did you choose us?

Elsa Amado insisted a lot that we met you. She talked about your big professionalism and your talent. We "falled in love" about your "artistic style". Your photos transmit a lot of emotions and complicity. It was exactly what we searched for our wedding. During our first meeting, your simplicity and your kindness we really enjoyed it. We had appreciated your proximity to us. An amicable relationship was birth very quickly. They didn't make us hesitate just one moment!

- What is your vision and expectations for your marriage? Concept? Inspirations?

We wanted a "chic" wedding. Something that looks like we a maximum and that mark spirits. We wanted something unforgettable, something perfect. It's for that we absolutely wanted to do the wedding in "Santa Luzia". We wanted something unforgettable, something perfect. It's for that we absolutely wanted to do the wedding in "Santa Luzia" which is an exceptional location. About photography, we wanted to take photos in "Santa Luzia" with a view on the bay. We wanted classical photos inside the church, group photos, and some more artistical with feelings, emotions. We absolutely wanted shooting photos after the wedding. So that Mister don't saw the bride before the ceremony. For this shooting, we wanted something unique, romantic, in the water or on the beach. Something more close friend, wild. We have a lot of expectations for this picture shooting.

- Tell us your story! How did you meet? Hobbies? What style of music do you like? What is your favorite movie?

When we were a student, we had the habit to work during the summer for having a little bit of money. It's during one of them that I met Yohann. In 2009 August we worked together in a zoological parc (ZooParc de Beauval). It's in this amazing environment that we learned to knowledge us and got closer. Yohann proposed me to leave on holiday with him and his friends in Barcelona a the end of "this" 2009 August month and it's the day before leaving that we kissing for the first time. Around giraffes and rhinoceros... 

About hobbies: on my side, it's the reading while Yohann prefers sport (soccer and running in particular). 

Music has a particular place in our story. The first time that Yohann took my hand was in the back of a car where you can hear at the radio "Love Story" of Taylor Swift. Since, this song has become our song. That's also why that Yohann did his wedding proposal during a London trip were we gone saw a show of Taylor Swift (again her: the Red Tour). 

For movies, I would say "Fifty shades of Grey" but I will not tell you why... ;-) 


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